There’s no better way to show your establishment!

In a virtual tour, the observer chooses where and which direction to look at.

This way his time spent in your website increases.

How to use a Vericco Virtual Tour:
3 Main Options:
1. As an attachment to your company website or separately, the virtual tour is web-based.
2. On a touch screen monitor at your location.
3. As an app for virtual reality glasses – for demonstrations, exhibitions, conferences, etc.


What does a Vericco virtual tour contain?



Shot and stitched panoramic images from the air and ground. On the floor of every ground panorama there is a logo or other picture that is never upside down, no matter how you turn in the tour. The logo is also clickable and could take you to a website.

You can load each panorama by clicking on a hotspot. If you hover the cursor over the hotspot, a bubble will pop up. The bubble will show you a small picture of that specific panorama and a label with the location of where the panorama is from.

Search engine: You can search by name, department, service or whatever you prefer. For example – type a specific product and the search engine will take you to the exact panorama where it is produced in the factory. This is an original feature that was developed by Vericco.

Any hotspots that you have already clicked on will have a tick mark below. This shows you where you have already been on the virtual tour and helps prevent disorientation.

i Button on the dashboard menu that shows images and text about the specific location.

Info Points: For employees, services, appliances, processes or anything else you can think of. They may be a text page or a .PDF file containing an image and text.

Info Points with URL hyperlinks: By clicking the link you can load a site or video over the tour.

Info Points with a gallery: With one or multiple pictures.

Generate a specific link, QR code, social network buttons: Show the client exactly what you want them to see. Instead of sending a link to the tour and forcing the client to find a specific image – you can find the perfect angle you want to show them and generate a link that will take them right there. Used for sharing the info points or any specific panorama view. This is an Original feature that was developed by Vericco.

Customized User Interface: With the company logo, slogan and colors.

Ad banners: Positioned in the bottom right corner and when clicked it can take you to any website.

Map: From a drop down menu – it shows where you are, where you’ve been, and the direction you are looking in the tour. Panoramas, sections, and other information can be loaded directly from the map.